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Wadham in Objects II

Wadham In Objects: the 1877 Willis Organ in the Chapel

The Chapel, Wadham College, 5 November 2015, 5.00pm-6.30pm

Organised by Wadham’s Research Associates, the Wadham in Objects seminar series uses Wadham’s fascinating objects as starting points for multi-disciplinary discussions, seeking to engage Fellows and graduates alike in the College’s history and to ponder their role in shaping its future. For our second seminar, the object in question will be newly-refurbished 1877 Willis Organ in the Chapel. Speakers at the event will include Dr David Hewett (Queens), a mathematician and organist who will speak about how organs work; Christopher Daw, Estates and Facilities Manager, who will talk about the refurbishment process; Dr Katharine Pardee, Wadham's Director of Chapel Music, who will play the organ and give a musician's perspective on its restoration. This event is open to members of Wadham College and guests. Drinks will be provided.

Please register for the event using the form at the following address: