MCR Committee


MCR President: Gareth Molyneux

VP Welfare: Panarat Anamwathana
Pan was born and raised in west Philadelphia, where she spent most of her days chilling out, maxing, relaxing on the playground and shooting some basketball outside of school. When a couple of guys started making trouble in her neighbourhood and she got into one little fight, her mom got scared. Her mom said “You’re moving to Oxford to get your DPhil in economic history.”


VP Finance: Adam Goliński mcr.treasurer(at)




VP Communications (Secretary): Juliane Borchert

VP Academic: Daniel Ibrahim Abdalla

Daniel is doing a DPhil in English Literature. His favorite hobby is taking photos of himself for future book jackets. He is also President of English Graduates at Oxford.


APPOINTED MEMBERS (currently being updated)

CamSocial President: Cam Higgins
Prior to winning the Nobel Prize in Physiology, Cam was the President of Australia, and oversaw a period of unprecedented peace, economic growth and social prosperity. Prior to that he had pursued a distinguished career as an actor, winning two oscars for his lead performances in 'The Godfather' trilogy, and playing a little known star role in the 1967 moon landing videos. He is now at Oxford studying for a DPhil in Alchemy. 

Bar Officer: Elise Hamerslag

Elise has undertaken a wondrous journey from a small town in the Netherlands, making her way through Turkey, Pakistan, Germany, and space - somehow always ending up at the MCR bar along the way. She's often spotted in the MCR at day too, excitedly consuming coffee & cookies while studying for her MSc in Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology.



Freshers President: Joel Butler

Patient J was referred to us by his former colleague in Istanbul. The patient was reportedly a happy and confident child, but by the time of intervention had deteriorated to the level of spending hours in a darkened room listening to the Manic Street Preachers’ seminal 1994 album ‘The Holy Bible’ and professing strong identification with Richey Edwards. J refuses to take part in any group activities, stating his deep revulsion for ‘organised fun’. J also displays the delusional belief that he is receiving subliminal instructions from a shadowy figure known either as the ‘Bard of Bakery’ or, more simply, ‘The Bread Man’. When challenged on these beliefs, J becomes hostile and aggressive, repeatedly shouting the same nonsensical slogans: ‘Dip Your Bread’, ‘Shift and Bang’, and ‘Disco Football’. Suggested ameliorative measures: DPhil in Early Modern Ottoman History.



JakeWine and Dine Officer: Jake Stroud
Jake is a DPhil student in Computational Neuroscience. His research focuses on adopting dynamical systems and network theory approaches to studying brain micro circuits. In his spare time he plays tennis, goes on cycle rides, and enjoys a lovely Comte accompanied by a fine vintage Port. Jake is organising our MCR exchange dinners, college wine and cheese exchanges, and visiting (as well as hosting guests from) our sister college at Cambridge – Christ’s College. Please feel free to email him with any queries regarding wining and dining whilst at Wadham.

LGBTQ+: Pablo Gonzalez Martin

Arts Officer: Sarah-Beth Amos