MCR Committee


MCR President: SSBAarah-Beth Amos
Sarah-Beth is a second year DPhil in Computational Biochemistry. She became President by virtue of being a control freak rather than any real political disposition, and can be found writing furious emails about the state of the MCR kitchen when she isn't complaining about people not re-racking their weights in the gym. Her life ambition is to own a Magimix.


VP Welfare: Pablo Pablo Gonzalez MartinGonzalez Martin

I am a second year DPhil student in Medieval History. As Welfare VP I am in charge of all things welfare-related, from the organisation of delicious Welfare Teas and Brunches to having a chat and a cup of tea (yes, it is a bit vague, so you are encouraged to be creative in your feedback, ideas and demands!). I’m not alone in this task though: our Welfare team includes a lot of wonderful people, both within the MCR, college and university: I will be very happy to re-direct you to the best person whenever I think team-work is our best option. You can often find me around the MCR, reading about funny medieval people, talking about (not medieval) politics or planning amazingly cheap trips (if you’re very lucky you might even see me doing some actual work!). Do contact me with any questions, requests or feedback at mcr.welfare(at)

VP Finance: Jack Klempay

As a second year MPhil student in Modern French Literature, my research focuses on the experimental "New Novel" of the 1950s and 60s. I'm the person to contact if you need to be reimbursed for an MCR event or if you have any questions about the MCR's finances. When I'm not processing invoices, negotiating college rents, or reading French novels, I can usually be found playing board games, trying out a new recipe, or reading up on the mechanics of the Cascadian subduction zone and the geology of the Western United States.

LouiseVP Communications (Secretary): Louise Tear

Louise is a third year DPhil student in Biomedical Imaging. Her research focuses on the development of MRI contrast agents and ultrasound-responsive theranostics. When she's not in the lab, she enjoys travelling and trying new things, or just curling up with a movie and a good cup of tea.


AnnabellaVP Academic: Annabella Massey
Annabella is a DPhil student in East Asian Studies. Her research looks at how contemporary writers, artists, and filmmakers across the Greater China region negotiate new transnational identities in the midst of ongoing urban demolition and renewal. She also harbours a particular interest in critical race theory. In her spare time, Annabella enjoys fiction, poetry, and cinema, browsing art galleries, doing yoga (badly), and travel. Before coming to Oxford, she worked in Yamanashi prefecture, Japan, for two years. Feel free to contact Annabella whenever you like, especially if you have any suggestions for arts appreciation at Wadham!



CamSocial President/Bar Officer: Cam Higgins
Prior to winning the Nobel Prize in Physiology, Cam was the President of Australia, and oversaw a period of unprecedented peace, economic growth and social prosperity. Prior to that he had pursued a distinguished career as an actor, winning two oscars for his lead performances in 'The Godfather' trilogy, and playing a little known star role in the 1967 moon landing videos. He is now at Oxford studying for a DPhil in Alchemy. 

Freshers President: Juliane Borchert


EWWomen's Officer: Eleri Watson

'Hey! I'm Eleri and I’ve just begun a DPhil in English looking at the representation of the ‘fag hag’ in twentieth-century queer literature and culture. I'm a self-confessed 'angry feminist' and avid fan of smashing the patriarchy. If you have any welfare concerns or suggestions about how Wadham MCR might better cater to its female-identifying students, drop me a line!'


kyleResources Officer: Kyle C Grant
Kyle joined Oxford from a hugely successful career as a professional wrestler in Mexico, where he performed under the name 'Rey Mysterio Junior'. Famous for his acrobatics and signature move 'the snakebite', Kyle hung up his mask last year and moved to Oxford to pursue a higher education in herbology.



JakeWine and Dine Officer: Jake Stroud
Jake is a DPhil student in Computational Neuroscience. His research focuses on adopting dynamical systems and network theory approaches to studying brain micro circuits. In his spare time he plays tennis, goes on cycle rides, and enjoys a lovely Comte accompanied by a fine vintage Port. Jake is organising our MCR exchange dinners, college wine and cheese exchanges, and visiting (as well as hosting guests from) our sister college at Cambridge – Christ’s College. Please feel free to email him with any queries regarding wining and dining whilst at Wadham.

LGBTQ+: Joseph Currie

Arts Officer: Dan Harkin