MCR Committee



MCR President: Paula Kaanders   mcr.president(at)

Paula can be located from a distance through the sound of her persistent cough, the consequence of an extremely rare case of the 21st-century black plague. Despite her impending death, she can be found every day in one of the hospitals feeding on studying human brains. As an angry Dutch woman, her favorite hobbies are brutal honesty and sending single-line e-mails. Paula hires people to write her jokes and gets very offended if you don’t laugh, because it means she’ll have to fire them. You are literally stealing food from their children’s mouths. Paula has space shoes.


VP Welfare: George Webster

George hails from "the North", so he doesn't really belong in Oxford. He is reading his DPhil in Philosophy because of his ambition to become a barista and to spend the rest of his years continually justifying his existence to strangers. He will die penniless and alone, but hopefully with sweet tatts.


VP Finance (outgoing): Adam Goliński


VP Finance (incoming): Owen Smith

Disguised as a human, a rogue cyborg assassin who travelled from 2029 to 2016 to warn the members of the Wadham MCR about the coming of Skynet, an artificial intelligence system that will spark a nuclear holocaust. Now he spends his days and nights trying to stop robots from achieving the world domination and prepare himself to lead a resistance movement as part of his DPhil in Machine Learning. His after hours hobby is filling out MCR finance spreadsheets and like any respectable Terminator he's an avid fan of plain text emails.

VP Communications [Secretary]: Joel Butler

Patient J was referred to us by his former colleague in Istanbul. The patient was reportedly a happy and confident child, but by the time of intervention had deteriorated to the level of spending hours in a darkened room listening to the Manic Street Preachers’ seminal 1994 album ‘The Holy Bible’ and professing strong identification with Richey Edwards. J refuses to take part in any group activities, stating his deep revulsion for ‘organised fun’. J also displays the delusional belief that he is receiving subliminal instructions from a shadowy figure known either as the ‘Bard of Bakery’ or, more simply, ‘The Bread Man’. When challenged on these beliefs, J becomes hostile and aggressive, repeatedly shouting the same nonsensical slogans: ‘Dip Your Bread’, ‘Shift and Bang’, and ‘Disco Football’. Suggested ameliorative measures: DPhil in Early Modern Ottoman History.

VP Academic (outgoing): Daniel Ibrahim Abdalla

VP Academic (incoming): Allan Meiriño

Daniel is doing a DPhil in English Literature. His favorite hobby is taking photos of himself for future book jackets. He is also President of English Graduates at Oxford.

VP Domestic: Cal Kelly (email address TBA)



Arts Officers: Sarah-Beth Amos and Annabella Mei Massey

International officer: Moeko Hayashi[at]

POC/BME officer: Kate Sim

Freshers' Officer: TBA

Bar Officer: Elise Hamerslag
Elise has undertaken a wondrous journey from a small town in the Netherlands, making her way through Turkey, Pakistan, Germany, and space - somehow always ending up at the MCR bar along the way. She's often spotted in the MCR at day too, excitedly consuming coffee & cookies while studying for her MSc in Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology.



CamSocial Nuncio: Cam Higgins
Prior to winning the Nobel Prize in Physiology, Cam was the President of Australia, and oversaw a period of unprecedented peace, economic growth and social prosperity. Prior to that he had pursued a distinguished career as an actor, winning two oscars for his lead performances in 'The Godfather' trilogy, and playing a little known star role in the 1967 moon landing videos. He is now at Oxford studying for a DPhil in Alchemy. 

Wine and Dine Officers: Leonie Maurer[at]

My passion for sleep brought me to Oxford after looking for it in Germany, the USA and Switzerland. Unfortunately, it resulted in not getting enough of it because of watching other people having plenty. Let’s see if I’m more lucky with Wine and Dine.

Social Officers: Chloe Lim & Florian Jäckle

Whiskey: Sarah-Beth Amos

21845349_10213206857258564_469599855_oPoetry officer: Harry Mason
Like any self-respecting Engineering DPhil and Internation athlete, Harry spends the majority of his time writing poetry. Some say his writing is deliberately bad so as not to intimidate others. Some say that Yorkshire is his first language, so it's fair enough he struggles in English. Whatever the case, he's willing to help anyone and everyone help find a love for poetry, whether writing, reading, or musing over.

Violets aren't Red
Roses aren't Blue
Harry likes poetry
And thinks you should as well

Class Officer: Megan Smith

Women*s Officer: Joana Perrone and Aube

LGBTQ Officers:  Joshua Teasdale

Fourth Year Rep: Jacob Armstrong

Masters Rep: Niamh Quille

Mature and part-time student Rep: David Robinson

Sports Officer: Clara Voyvodic Casabo