MCR Committee



MCR President: Paula Kaanders   mcr.president(at)

Paula can be located from a distance through the sound of her persistent cough, the consequence of an extremely rare case of the 21st-century black plague. Despite her impending death, she can be found every day in one of the hospitals feeding on studying human brains. As an angry Dutch woman, her favorite hobbies are brutal honesty and sending single-line e-mails. Paula hires people to write her jokes and gets very offended if you don’t laugh, because it means she’ll have to fire them. You are literally stealing food from their children’s mouths. Paula has space shoes.


VP Welfare: George Webster

George hails from "the North", so he doesn't really belong in Oxford. He is reading his DPhil in Philosophy because of his ambition to become a barista and to spend the rest of his years continually justifying his existence to strangers. He will die penniless and alone, but hopefully with sweet tatts.


VP Finance: Owen Smith

Owen can be found inhabiting the labs of South Parks road and spends most of his time mixing and pouring like any good chemist. Contrary to popular belief, he avoids starting any fires unless completely necessary. When not baking in the lab, he can be found making cakes, eating crème eggs and exercising to allow him to continue these hobbies.


VP Communications [Secretary]: Joel Butler

Patient J was referred to us by his former colleague in Istanbul. The patient was reportedly a happy and confident child, but by the time of intervention had deteriorated to the level of spending hours in a darkened room listening to the Manic Street Preachers’ seminal 1994 album ‘The Holy Bible’ and professing strong identification with Richey Edwards. J refuses to take part in any group activities, stating his deep revulsion for ‘organised fun’. J also displays the delusional belief that he is receiving subliminal instructions from a shadowy figure known either as the ‘Bard of Bakery’ or, more simply, ‘The Bread Man’. When challenged on these beliefs, J becomes hostile and aggressive, repeatedly shouting the same nonsensical slogans: ‘Dip Your Bread’, ‘Shift and Bang’, and ‘Disco Football’. Suggested ameliorative measures: DPhil in Early Modern Ottoman History.

VP Academic: Allan Meiriño

Allan is reading for an MPhil in Classical Archaeology, just to increase his chances of not getting a job once he leaves university. If he is not rolling in mud or licking pottery shards, you may find him locked in the Sackler Library, or trawling the Callaecian landscape in the search for hidden castros. He is always happy to talk about Roman rock-cut wine presses, whilst gulping down a cheap modern version of the produce, alas! unmixed wine, of course, in their barbarian fashion!

VP Domestic: vacant

For any enquires regarding use of space in the MCR or provision of tea/coffee/biscuits, please contact Jo or Daria, currently acting VPs Domestic


Freshers' Officers: Eddy Yeo & Janette McKnight
When not trapped in the Maths institute by her DPhil, Eddy can be found showing off her shocking pool skills ('I'm just out of practice I swear') over a beer in the MCR bar. She is ready and willing to split any restaurant bill, times two large numbers in her head or help you with your taxes.

Janette, like Owen, can be found in the CRL swirling chemicals around and hoping to make something magical. Her pouring skills learnt in the lab come in useful for pouring drinks, and she can often be found in the MCR bar on a Friday night. Janette finds rabbits extremely cute.


Arts Officers: Juliane Borchert & Sarah-Beth Amos

International officers: Galina Badalova & Jasmine Anouna[at]

POC/BME officer: Panarat Anamwathana

LGBTQ+ officer: TBG Ansell

Bar Manager: Hayley Knights


CamSocial Nuncio: Cam Higgins
Prior to winning the Nobel Prize in Physiology, Cam was the President of Australia, and oversaw a period of unprecedented peace, economic growth and social prosperity. Prior to that he had pursued a distinguished career as an actor, winning two oscars for his lead performances in 'The Godfather' trilogy, and playing a little known star role in the 1967 moon landing videos. He is now at Oxford studying for a DPhil in Alchemy. 

Wine and Dine Officer: Janette McKnight[at]
Janette, like Owen, can be found in the CRL swirling chemicals around and hoping to make something magical. Her pouring skills learnt in the lab come in useful for pouring drinks, and she can often be found in the MCR bar on a Friday night. Janette finds rabbits extremely cute.

Whiskey officer: Sarah-Beth Amos

21845349_10213206857258564_469599855_oPoetry officer: Harry Mason
Like any self-respecting Engineering DPhil and Internation athlete, Harry spends the majority of his time writing poetry. Some say his writing is deliberately bad so as not to intimidate others. Some say that Yorkshire is his first language, so it's fair enough he struggles in English. Whatever the case, he's willing to help anyone and everyone help find a love for poetry, whether writing, reading, or musing over.

Violets aren't Red
Roses aren't Blue
Harry likes poetry
And thinks you should as well

Women*s Officer: Joana Perrone

Sarah Lawrence Rep: Sarah Klein
sarah.klein(at) and/or su.sarahlawrence(at)

Sarah's fresh off the space shuttle from New York City, and couldn’t be happier to be here for the year. (Please don’t make her go back!) She is known for exuding awkwardness and smiles in no particular order. If found laughing to herself … do not be alarmed … she finds herself hilarious so this is nothing to worry about. When she is not volunteering, event planning, or reppin the SLP squad … she can be found dancing (not well), falling off her bike, eating waaaaaaay too much food, or *occasionally* studying her Development Economics Texts and calmly freaking out about her political philosophy work that was meant to be turned in 3 hours ago. Her mission is to make the world a better place! (no problem, right) The first step on this path is obvious: getting Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) for the MCR. Her alter-ego, Haras, is also quite friendly. Please do not feed Haras if Sarah is not around. Both look forward to meeting you!

Mature and part-time student Rep: David Robinson

Sports Officer: Clara Voyvodic Casabo