MCR Committee


MCR President: Galina Badalova


Galina can be found in the organic labs of South Parks road, where she spends most of her time trying to make something magical. When not swirling chemicals in the lab, she will also be found baking cakes and taking photographs. She strongly believes in the power of education, so if you ask her a question expect no less than a lecture. She also likes a good laugh and can often be found sightseeing or at the theatre.

VP Domestic: Daria Kondakova

Daria has just started her DPhil in Classical Languages and Literature. When she is not working in the Bodleian, she enjoys being around the Wadham MCR and wants to make it a better space for work and fun.

Apart from her undying love for Ancient Greek poetry, Daria has a number of more or less random interests, such as old bookshops, calligraphy, snowboarding, and Belgian beers.

VP Finance: Stéphane Marbeau

Stéphane Marbeau is enrolled in the DPhil in Philosophy. He is the new MCR Treasurer.

VP Communications: Ann Ang 

Ann is reading for a DPhil in English, specifically on postcolonial and world literature. She takes this to mean that travelling the world is a research requirement. Ann has a bad coffee addiction, loves the outdoors and has a deadpan sense of humour. John Keats (the English poet) is her ex. He is dead.

VPs Welfare: Benita Schwung, Boris Arnold, Aaron Graham, Filippo Revello

The Welfare Squad consists of four members, all of whom met at the infamous Merifield flat E2. Lindsay maintains that 50% of his work consists of dealing with them.

Filippo lives by the motto Chi fa la spia non è figlio di Maria! He will take secrets to the grave with him (but he makes an exception for bad cooking). Filippo is incredibly passionate about the correct amount of time to cook pasta for, and the correct colour of pesto ("Red pesto?? Maremma Maiala!"). He is an excellent cyclist with a very low accident to risk taken ratio. When he is not staying up until 3am cooking raggu, he is doing his DPhil in Theoretical Physics (he already has a "theoretical" degree in physics).

Boris lives to play football and is one of the greatest talents since Ronaldo. His skills extend to playing the diatonic harmonica when drunk at 3am, and beating Filippo at FIFA (and pool!). He was born and bred in Brussels; whilst Britain is leaving Brussels, Boris is not abandoning Britain. He is reading for the MPhil in Economics and watching for the DPhil in Netflix.

Aaron might physically be living in Oxford, but his heart still lives in South Africa. This comes through in many ways, particularly in his great respect for rules and schedules ("Red light for who?"--South African proverb). He particularly enjoys flavourful food, and regularly breaks Filippo's heart by adulterating precious Genoa pesto with chilli. Aaron is reading for a DPhil in Engineering (Computational Mechanics of brain tissue). He is a very honest (blunt) person, something authority figures love.

Benita is generally heard before she is seen, as her laughter is always turned up to 11. She says she was born in Germany, but we have some doubts; she doesn't like beer! Unlike the rest of the Welfare Squad, she is always on time and organised. Fortunately, she has started to run traffic lights with us by the end of the year she will be fully South African. She is doing a Diploma in Legal Studies, and helps the Welfare Squad understand rules.

VP Academic: Vacant

If you have any queries in relation to academic programmes, please email us at mcr.president(at)


Freshers' Officer: Katherine Wood

Arts Officers: Juliane Borchert & Sarah-Beth Amos

International officers: Galina Badalova & Jasmine Anouna[at]

POC/BME officer: Panarat Anamwathana

LGBTQ+ officer: TBG Ansell

Bar Manager: Hayley Knights

CamSocial Nuncio: Cam Higgins
Prior to winning the Nobel Prize in Physiology, Cam was the President of Australia, and oversaw a period of unprecedented peace, economic growth and social prosperity. Prior to that he had pursued a distinguished career as an actor, winning two oscars for his lead performances in 'The Godfather' trilogy, and playing a little known star role in the 1967 moon landing videos. He is now at Oxford studying for a DPhil in Alchemy.

Wine and Dine Officer: Janette McKnight[at]
Janette, like Owen, can be found in the CRL swirling chemicals around and hoping to make something magical. Her pouring skills learnt in the lab come in useful for pouring drinks, and she can often be found in the MCR bar on a Friday night. Janette finds rabbits extremely cute.

Whiskey officer: Sarah-Beth Amos

21845349_10213206857258564_469599855_oPoetry officer: Harry Mason
Like any self-respecting Engineering DPhil and Internation athlete, Harry spends the majority of his time writing poetry. Some say his writing is deliberately bad so as not to intimidate others. Some say that Yorkshire is his first language, so it's fair enough he struggles in English. Whatever the case, he's willing to help anyone and everyone help find a love for poetry, whether writing, reading, or musing over.

Violets aren't Red
Roses aren't Blue
Harry likes poetry
And thinks you should as well

Women's Officer: Liv Glaze 

Sarah Lawrence Rep: Sarah Klein
sarah.klein(at) and/or su.sarahlawrence(at)

Sarah's fresh off the space shuttle from New York City, and couldn't be happier to be here for the year. (Please don't make her go back!) She is known for exuding awkwardness and smiles in no particular order. If found laughing to herself, do not be alarmed! She finds herself hilarious so this is nothing to worry about. When she is not volunteering, event planning, or reppin the SLP squad, she can be found dancing (not well), falling off her bike, eating waaaaaaay too much food, or *occasionally* studying her Development Economics Texts and calmly freaking out about her political philosophy work that was meant to be turned in 3 hours ago. Her mission is to make the world a better place! (no problem, right) The first step on this path is obvious: getting Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) for the MCR. Her alter-ego, Haras, is also quite friendly. Please do not feed Haras if Sarah is not around. Both look forward to meeting you!

Mature and part-time student Rep: David Robinson

Sports Officer: Clara Voyvodic Casabo