Wadham MCR's constitution was updated and ratified in February 2019. The full text can be downloaded below.

Wadham College MCR Constitution

Outline of the governance of the MCR

Wadham MCR is a self-governing graduate community within Wadham SU. It is administered by the MCR committee which operates as follows:

Executive committee

The executive committee is elected annually in the seventh week of Hilary Term. Executive members of the committee are responsible for managing most of the important affairs involved with the smooth running and provisioning of the MCR, including regular meetings with college committees and bodies. The following positions are elected executive positions:

  • MCR President (Kate Maurer-Song)
  • Vice President Communications/MCR Secretary (Jana Terenova)
  • Vice President Finance (Wissam Ghantous)
  • Vice Presidents Welfare (Aaron Graham, Kay Song, Monica Bla)
  • Vice President Domestic (Nik Nicheperovich)
  • Vice President Academic (Joana Midena)

Committee officers

Officer positions are appointed and can thus be created or retired as is necessary. Officers attend committee meetings and manage events and issues within their respective areas of responsibility, but are not usually expected to be involved in wider discussions with the college. An officer position is therefore a great way to get involved with the MCR community, have your say on its direction, and arrange events and services that you'd like to see, without taking on a lot of extra commitments.

Current officer roles include:

  • Bar manager
  • Wine & dine officer
  • Social officer
  • Whiskey officer
  • Sports officer
  • Poetry officer
  • Arts officer
  • Class officer
  • LGBTQ+ officer
  • Women*s officer
  • POC/BME officer
  • International officer
  • Masters rep
  • 4th-year rep
  • Mature/part-time rep
  • Freshers' officer

Membership, voting & other rights

All graduate students at Wadham are full members of the MCR, and have full voting rights in MCR elections. Full members can also stand for election, and have access to the MCR library/study space.

Recent Wadham MCR leavers who are still in Oxford but have no other college affiliation (i.e. postdocs, research assistants, etc.) have the right to apply for associate membership, as do spouses and partners of current MCR members. Wadham undergraduates progressing beyond their third year of undergraduate study are automatically granted associate membership of the MCR, as are mature undergraduate students. Undergraduate students visiting for the year as part of the exchange programme with Sarah Lawrence College are also automatically associate members of Wadham MCR.

Associate members have no voting rights within the MCR, but can stand for election, and are encouraged to volunteer for officer roles. Associate members who are also full members of Wadham SU (i.e. current undergraduates) have access to the main MCR, but not to the quiet study areas. Associate members who are not currently members of the college must ask the porters for access to any part of the Graduate Centre.