MCR Committee

The Executive

The Executive is made up of members elected by the MCR.

MCR President: Kate Maurer-Song (she/her)

Kate is an ocean physics Dphil student, which means she spends most of her day making swirly plots on the computer. Kate writes/records/produces her own emo music, plays video games, rollerskates, plays frisbee, and watches anime. You can easily find her, as her hair often looks like a highlighter.

VP Finance:
VP Communications: Jana Terenova (she/her)

Jana is a third-year DPhil student in Molecular Biology in Health and Diseases researching roles of non-coding RNA in cancer cells. She enjoys fencing and a good hockey match. She is always the loudes to cheer for the hockey team during the world championship. When she is not in the laboratory or sport centre she likes to attend interesting talks and discussions in Oxford. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.


VP Domestic: Nikita (Nik) Nicheperovich (he/him)

Nik is a first-year DPhil student who spends most of his time reading and being frustrated by, various Greco-Roman poets. While he has a particular kink for ancient love poetry, he also likes to do some tinkering on the piano (preference is currently given to Bon Jovi and Billy Joel over Bach and Beethoven), watching football (he has never been any good at actually playing it), and making hummus (the secret is lots – LOTS – of olive oil).

VP Academic: Joana Perrone (she/they)

A current DPhil student in Latin American Studies, Joana has been around Wadham for a long, long time. When not looking over datasets of gender violence, she tries to cleanse her mind and soul with poetry, literature, an unhealthy gaming habit and bad 2000s pop. Her favourite past-time is to gaze wistfully out of the window and contemplate on her choice of leaving sunny and warm Brazil.

Her inbox is always open to academic concerns, events suggestions and questions. She is also partial to cute animal pictures.
VP(s) Welfare:
Aaron Graham
Kay Song (she/her)

Kay is the happiest in front of a plate of food. Sadly, her lab for her DPhil in Engineering studies does not allow her to sit with food during work. Hailing from Australia, she is a strong believer of Fairy Bread and Tim Tams being integral parts of welfare. In between talking and thinking about food, she can be found playing Ultimate Frisbee, listening to Muse and taking long walks around Oxford with friends.

Monica Taing (she/her)

Monica is studying for an MSc in Clinical and Therapeutic Neuroscience. She is interested in paediatric psychiatry, clinical neuroscience, and believes in making higher education more accessible for everyone. In addition, she enjoys music (piano - Debussy and Chopin especially!), graphic design, illustration, and nature walks. Please feel free to reach out to her to talk about education and wellness, or just to say hello!

Appointed Officers

Appointed by the Executive Committee, appointed officers are part of the committee and should be present at Committee Meetings. There is no limit to the number of appointed members and this dynamic team changes each year to represent the interests and priorities of the MCR. Please email if you would like to suggest a role.

LGBTQ+ Officer: Huiru (Aiden) Wang (she/they)

Huiru obtained her bachelor’s degree in Sociology and is now studying China studies in the MSc program. Her research interests lie in LGBTQ+ and feminist issues on topics of state governance and civil society strategies, and being an LGBTQ+ activist-scholar is her career goal. She is currently a volunteer researcher at the Beijing LGBT Center, and she is delighted to share her experience of being a minority and an activist in China. Please feel free to contact her 😉

Women's Officer: Sophie O'Neill-Hanson

Sophie is reading for an MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Despite the challenging times, she still hopes to be able to organise events for the female-identifying grad community at some point. All suggestions will be welcome, so feel free to get in touch any time!

POC/BME officer: Sarah Gaspard (she/her)

Sarah is a first-year DPhil student in English, who focuses on what literature can help us understand and discover about mental health/disorders. When she’s not cocooning somewhere reading a good book, she loves to hike, figure skate, and watch horror movies and psychological thrillers. Please feel free to email her if you want to say hello, need to talk/vent, and/or would like some support in relation to BIPOC issues. All suggestions (and recommendations for events, documentaries, books, etc., any resources really) are more than welcome, especially during these strange and challenging times!

Wine & Dine Officer: Hank Wu (he/him)

Hank is 1st year DPhil in Condensed Matter Physics. He does several sports (unfortunately only running and tennis these days) and listens to classical music when he’s stressed (his favourite piece is Tchaikovsky Symphony No.5). In his undergraduate life in Oxford, he enjoys socialising with people at different occasions and so he is hoping to organise some MCR dinners and wine-related events when the world returns to some sort of normality. Feel free to email him if you have any suggestion!

Bar Manager: Emma Carrick Smith
Poetry officer: Ann Ang (she/her)

Ann is working towards a DPhil in English in postcolonial and world literature, specialising in contemporary Anglophone writing from South and South East Asia. When she's not reading, she's writing; mostly emails, sometimes her thesis and on the days when the Muse stops in for a coffee, a poem. Get in touch if you have a poetry-related idea - there are many bards in the MCR, come join us.

Mature and part-time student Rep: Vacant.

Sports Officer: Clara Voyvodic Casabo & Kimberley Webb (pictured, she/her)

Kim spends more time playing sport than writing her DPhil in Ancient History, which is why she is still here. After unsuccessful attempts at Rowing and Croquet, she settled on the more usual combination of Water Polo and Australian Rules Football. When she isn’t training, she can be found drinking tea and complaining about the rain. If you’re at a loss for what sport to do or how to access college and university facilities, she is happy to point you in the right direction; likewise, if you want to arrange any MCR activities! 

Currently recruiting:
  • Class Officer
  • Arts Officer
  • International Officer
  • Mature & Part-time Officer