Please note that the MCR website is currently being updated. The information on this page is not final.

Welcome to Wadham College Middle Common Room. Founded in the early 17th century, Wadham is one of Oxford’s historic colleges featuring a blend of historic and modern buildings surrounded by its spacious gardens. Today it is known for its progressive and informal atmosphere.

We are home to a vibrant and diverse graduate community and hope to foster a welcoming environment for Wadham’s graduate students. To find out more about Wadham College, visit the college website. The university’s overview of the college provides information about graduate life at Wadham, a list of courses offered, and a virtual tour. This website will give you a look into the operations and community of the MCR. 

You can join the MCR Facebook group to connect with other MCR members and follow the MCR Instagram to stay updated on MCR life. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the committee members